History of Eddie Whipp’s

What began as a church (formerly Saint Cyril and Methodius Church, built in the 1800′s) and also operated as a horse stable at one point, has turned into what we know today as Whipp’s Dining Hall. Whipp’s has been family owned and operated for over 85 years.
The former church was rolled closer to what is Highway 29 today, on large logs presumably with the help of workhorses. The business was established in 1922 by Joe (Wypizinski) Whipp as a local tavern operating as a saloon where many men mostly farmers stopping on their way home from the feed mill would gather. Joe ran the tavern until 1940 when his eldest son Eddie, a born bartender, took over.

When Eddie married his supportive wife Dorothy in 1944, she joined the crew. It took a lot of teamwork and understanding to run the bar in those days, as it was open from 8 AM to 2 AM, seven days a week. Eddie and Dorothy remember that if they were not open, they would have regular customers knocking on the door wondering what was going on.

The first wedding reception was held in the basement, which was dug out by hand in 1947. Wedding guests ate downstairs, drank on the ground level and danced upstairs until eventually dinner was served on the upper level and a dance hall was built on for polka bands in the 1950s. In 1947, a Fish Fry was added, and Dorothy prepared the fish in her home kitchen connected to the business.

The dining room that is used today was added in 1980 to accommodate the increased demand for Fish Frys, Chicken Dinners and Wedding events. The Wypizinski’s family photographs, which date back to the 1800s adorn the walls of the hall. If these walls could talk they would have a lot to say!
Today, Whipp’s still operates as a family business, and that family has grown exponentially. It not only includes the Whipp family, but also many of the employees who have stayed on so long that they have become extended family. In fact, some are third generation employees. Add to that the loyal customers who have supported the business, and their children and grandchildren that keep the tradition going, well – you KNOW that Whipp’s is really something special.

Through the years, Whipp’s has become known for Friday Night Fish Frys, homemade Chicken Dinners on Sunday and Wednesday nights, as well as a reception hall for many celebrations. The early days and the stories will never be forgotten. Eddie Whipp’s has been a labor of love and will hopefully continue to be so for more generations to come. Thank you for your patronage!